Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hop up outta bed, turn my swag on....

Reasons why to stay single:
1. You can sing 'Single Ladies' with more passion.
2. Sex and the City is a much better theme show than Desperate Housewives.
3. Ain't no swag like a single girl's swag.
4. Hooking up feels like an option, not a daily chore.
5. One boy...two boys...three boys...hello, options.
6. You may continue to perfect flirting techniques without guilt.
7. You will have a reason for those skinny jeans and stilettos.
8. You will never fall into the girlfriend frump slump, meaning you will continue shaving your legs and wearing mascara every day.
9. You will not end up on Snapped someday.
10. You will never have to have the "Honey, do you have anything in common with Tiger Woods?" talk.

Independence Day

Electric words start forest fires and I,
I blazed the wooded trail with every careless noun and verb to defy and scorch
You straight to
Hell...o there, love,
It's nice to see you again.
I'd love to say we're friends but,
You always hated labeling us and I,
I guess I just don't see an us to be labeled now.
Stab me in the back
The front
Everyone knows it's your knife anyway
So why bother hiding the words you say?
Twisted and teasing your way
Into forgiveness
And forgetfulness
(You always forget, I always forgive)
What a match
Tossed onto the ground with a flamboyant carelessness that I always found so intriguing
Don't try to ask me which way I'm leaning
I know I'll end up with a face full of mud either way since,
Let's face it,
You never were the most stable.
It was a blast while it lasted, up 'til the end
A good show for the kids
Something to light up the sky and blow us all to smithereens
You were the fuse
And I'm the best igniter around.
Blue and red wires crossed
Happy independence day to me.

Good Riddances

The moon is small and glitters gold
It shrinks with time and she's grown so old
Her joy is bought and sorrows sold
Time will heal all.

She spins a glossy deception web
Where truth comes to meet its death
And revenge will bleed forever red
Time will heal all.

She walks the path alone at night
Dark angels guide her lonely flight
There's sadness in the morning's light
Time will heal all.

Forever was the vow he made
Would it be, if she stayed?
Love's grasp so near and so far away
Time will heal all.

A whispered prayer on her tongue
A life so new and she so young
Goodbye to all that has been done
Time will heal all.

This may be your conversation, but I'll always get the last word.

Uncertainty seeps into memories (slowly, but ever-so-surely)
The edges of those timeless images in my head
Flickering, folding
In a fire of bitter resentment
Poisoned and charred
Old perceptions ruined with one stab
Of that double-edged sword (which is worse, the doubt or the suspicion?)
This scar isn't fading (neither are the ones on my knees, for that matter).
A sweet spoonful of blind naivety sounds promising
You know, to kill that aftertaste of pure treason (After all, hindsight regret is a bit difficult to swallow).
My blood beats blue and red
Depending on the time of day:
Frozen cold (like your heart of
Or burning bright (like that stinging scarlet letter
Now branded on your chest).
Flaunting your indescretions (oh, what a simple name
For such a tangled web of deception)
Like they're the latest trend
And, hey, the kids seem to be buying it
(Hook, line, sinker,
Feeding lines about honesty
Yeah, well honestly, you're full of pure
Shhh--save that next line for the next lie
She's eating it up with an ease I never could fake.
And darling, you wear that mask so well
Too bad it's all an illusion
You can keep your dilusions
And I think I'll stick to reality.
It's impressive, how well you avoid it ^
While saving face and passing the blame along
(There's the real dynamite card, right there).
Looks like you got me again.
Hitting the target everytime took practice so,
Look there,
At least I was good for something.
But be careful, love,
Someday you just might slip and miss your

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drama doesn't follow me, it attacks my age group.

Once upon a time, happily ever after got squashed under the heel of some stupid Prince Charming who, surprise, surprise, turned out to be more of a frog than a prince.

Uh, hello high school relationships.

No, this is not the ranting of bitterness created by a disgustingly dramatic break up (I mean, there was a break up, and well, yes, it was grossly intense, but I wouldn't call myself bitter. Pissed off and in need of shopping therapy, yes, but not bitter).

I guess I'm mostly upset about trusting someone with all my heart and (surprise, surprise), ending up with it back in my face with the nice addition of a dagger in it.

I could probably recite the "this time will be different, I've changed, I'm sorry, let's make it work" speech at this point.

So that's why I'm moving on.
Not seriously dating.
No going back to boys who haven't grown up yet.

Sigh, I'm letting karma take care of the revenge part of this for me.
I guess boys will be boys until the end of time.
And ex-girlfriends will be going to an incredible school in the fall (with lots of extremely attractive, intelligent college guys) ten pounds lighter, a thousand times wiser, and possessing newly acquired single girl swag.
Three cheers for new beginnings.